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Dot Wade Acrylic and Mixed Media on Paper

Dot Wade Acrylic and Mixed Media on Paper

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Dot Wade abstract acrylic and mixed media on paper
Two Lozenge shaped areas of white outline and one of opaque orange on a black base linked by a strong orange line below white.
Continually inspired by the Cornish landscape and the St Ives moderns. Wade is discovering her own language incorporating sculptural motifs
and exploring the freedom obtained by the use of a minimalist approach.
Dot has exhibited with Belgrave Gallery St Ives and at The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles amongst others
Framed in a white hand made wooden frame

Artists ref A21
Signed: Dot Wade 19
Medium:  acrylic mixed media on paper
Dimension:  6.5" x 8"
Inc Frame:  12.5" x 15"


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