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Royal Worcester

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The Worcester Porcelain factory was established in 1751 by Dr John Wall and his partners. An enviable reputation for high quality wares was soon established and the first Royal Warrant was awarded by King George III in 1789.

The 19th century saw the formation of the Worcester Royal Porcelain company which led the way in design and technology. The craftsmanship, design and decoration of Royal Worcester porcelain became the standard for other manufacturers to aspire to and clients ordered Royal Worcester to demonstrate their wealth and position in society.

royal worcester porcelain works

In 2001 Royal Worcester celebrated a 250th anniversary and was still most highly regarded by collectors and admirers around the globe.

 Today Royal Worcester Porcelain has been forced to close its doors becoming the latest victim of the trend towards globalisation and mass production. The quality of Royal Worcester is still however hugely appreciated and respected by a worldwide network of owners and collectors and the desirability and value of England's finest Porcelain can only continue to increase. 

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